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May 27, 2022

Sabelo Mkhwanazi of Quanis Accounting and Tax Solutions.

Quanis Accouning and Tax Solutions assists with tax, accounting, payroll and much more.

“Small business and organisations today are faced with the challenge of regulatory and business changes that are putting new demands on compliance. With Covid and all the subsequent disruptions of retrenchments, businesses closing down and recently retrenched people now having to start businesses, I realised that many of those businesses that had to close, as well as the new starts-ups, did not comply with all the rules and regulations and thus did not qualify for funding or government support,” said Sabelo Mkhwanazi of Quanis Accounting and Tax Solutions.

Mkhwanazi started the firm in 2018. “I have had an interest in numbers, mathematics and accounting from a young age. However, it was only when I started studying that I realised how the magic of numbers and its correct application can improve and advance business success.”

Quanis Accounting and Tax Solutions seeks to provide a full spectrum of tax, accounting, payroll, audit and business advisory services for small and medium-sized businesses, allowing business owners to not only save money over in-house accounting and ensure their compliance with tax laws, but to make valuable management decisions based on their numbers.

“We also advise on the different types of tax and which tax bracket the individual falls into, and educate clients on everything there is to know about VAT (if required). So if you need assistance with your personal tax, business tax or VAT, Quanis will ensure your tax is done according to SARS standards.

“During an accounting and tax solutions workshop held for small businesses, I again realised that many companies, especially in rural areas, were unable to apply for relief after the devastating effects of Covid-19. It became a cause for serious concern for me as an accountantm seeing directors running very profitable businesses but being clueless on issues of compliance.

“During this workshop I introduced small businesses to the basics of registering companies using BizPortal, compliance with SARS, Department of Labour and each industry in which businesses operate. Although small businesses can afford to have lawyers and accountants, SARS and CIPC still hold directors of companies liable when things go wrong. Directors and shareholders have responsibilities and will be held accountable for completing the required returns even should these be completed on their behalf.”

There are three levels of compliance that are critical within every business: calculation of income tax (submission of tax returns), employee’s taxation and UIF (Department of Labour), and industry-related compliance. Within each of these are a host of detailed reports that must be prepared and submitted within specific deadlines.

“I often find that business owners do not prepare these timeously and then expect miracles from their accountants to get these done to avoid penalties and non-compliance. Another critical element that we advise on is the importance of cash flow availability and effective management.”

The business environment is tough and not for everyone. It requires mental toughness and resilience beyond the norm. You cannot be successful without the support of a dedicated accountant.

Quanis Accounting and Tax Solutions – allow us to do what we do for you, so that you can do what you should be doing – building your business!


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